Institutional Accomplishments

We have learners on every continent.

We decided to expand learning opportunities around the world. Each year, more than 3,000 Northeastern students work or study in one of more than 130 countries, shaping the world and being shaped by it.


countries with experiential learning opportunities


Globe-trotting freshmen

N.U.in gives first-year students a unique opportunity to start their Northeastern experience on a global note: a semester abroad at universities in Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Greece, or Ireland.

Business for global good

The Social Enterprise Institute South Africa experience teams up Northeastern students with their South African counterparts to help locals start and build small businesses.

Working perspectives

Northeastern offers more than a tourist's eye view of Chinese culture. Co-op opportunities this year alone include positions in advertising, education, healthcare, materials science, and supply-chain management.

Dialogues from Iceland to the Aegean Sea

Volcanology in Iceland. Theater in London. Human rights in Brussels. These are a few of the 26 European Dialogue experiences that were open to Northeastern students this summer.

From the digital space to outer space

The West Coast is home to a range of high-tech co-op partners, including game-changers such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Bringing clean water to the world

Our award-winning Engineers Without Borders student chapter works with people in villages and towns in Central America and Africa to design and construct potable water systems.

We're in all seven continents

Marine biology majors can expand their comfort zone to the bottom of the world on a research co-op with biochemistry professor William Detrich at Palmer Station, Antarctica.


increase in annual co-op placements; 11,002 last year, up from 6,301 in 2006–2007


We offer true cultural immersion.

To tour a country is to see its culture from the outside. To work in a country or study it intensively is to experience its culture and be immersed in it—just as more than 3,000 Northeastern students do each year. Here's a glimpse of what they do.


increase in international students


We are harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion.

Engaging with diverse people, ideas, experiences, and perspectives is at the very heart of learning. In making our community more diverse, we have enriched learning and expanded opportunities to develop the professional, intellectual, and cultural agility needed to thrive in a global economy.


increase in students of color



students participated in at least one of more than 380 campus organizations


We amplified the student life experience.

Experiential learning teaches students how to learn in environments outside the classroom, the critical skill needed to be a lifelong learner. Discover all the ways our students learn from being part of a community, on campus and around the world.